public Hello_World;

A cliché, of course, they are. Half of the people who are involved in tech and a portion of those who aren’t probably start their blogs with those two words.

To a programmer, it might be a feeling similar to that of writing that first program, which for a moment engraves the magic words onto a computer screen. The first glance into Wonderland.

A person who has been more sparingly seasoned with code could have a different reason for perpetuating those words as a cliché: to mark the crossing of the threshold between the closedness and the openness. Perhaps as an act of transcendence. As a cheerful greeting, or a shy step towards something grand and new.

Those words come bundled with the fear and admiration of what’s out there. Also the drive to “join the world” and get involved.

With all due confusion, respect, fear, admiration, etc.:

–  Hello, World!


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